a library for the programming environment processing.
last update, 12/17/2012.

SQLibrary lets you communicate with a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite databases.

please note: working with a remote database in a plublicly accessible applet is highly insecure.


Get BezierSQLib version 0.2.0 in .zip format


Before trying to use this library with any database make sure you have that up and running. the library is just a wrapper to help connect to already installed and running databases (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL).

Installation in Processing 2.0 should be as easy as opening the "Library Manager" from the menu at:
Sketch > Import Library ... > Add Library ... > (select BezierSQLib and click "install")

Manual installation (Processing 1.5 and earlier):

  • Quit processing
  • Find your sketchbook folder, see second paragraph here
  • Add a folder called libraries (lowercase) to your sketchbook if its not already there
  • Move the into that libraries folder
  • Unzip it in place
  • Rename it to BezierSQLib
  • Start processing and run one of the included examples to see if the lib is working

Keywords: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, SQL, database

Documentation is online here and included in the download.

Source is located here and included in the download.

Bugs, issues, requests can be added at located Github.


find a list of examples in the current distribution of BezierSQLib, or have a look at them by following the links below.

Tested on ...

Platform osx
Processing 2.0b
Dependencies mysql, sqlite and postgresql jdbc drivers (all included)

Used in:

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